Crop Talk – How much N can be applied with wheat seed?

Hello all!

I had a question today about how much seed can safely be applied with wheat seed. I showed him this chart and he recommended I share it with everyone, so here we are.


I will give a quick explanation on how to read the chart.

  1. On the left side, find your drill type.
  2. Just to the right of drill type, find your seed spread, which would be the width of the planted area.
  3. At the top, select the row spacing your drill is designed to operate.
  4. Find where the row and column cross, and that will show you a range of lbs of N that can be applied.

Here are a couple examples.

  • Hoe drill with a 3 inch seed spread with 7.5 inch planter spacing would allow you to apply 44-58 lbs of N per acre with the seed.
  • Air seeder drill with a 6 inch seed spread with 10 inch planter spacing would allow you to apply 51-55 lbs of N per acre with the seed.

I would recommend staying on the lower side of those recommendations, just to make sure there aren’t any germination or root pruning issues.

That’s all I have for today. As usual, if you have any questions, contact your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist.

Make it a great week!