Crop Talk – Weed control following wheat

Hello all!

Wheat harvest has officially begun and that means it is time to start thinking about fallow spray again. There are lots of weeds under the canopy that will start to rapidly grow as soon the wheat is harvested. A good rule of thumb will be to wait about a week or so following harvest before spraying. Doing so will allow the weeds to regrow if they are clipped off by the combine.

Here are some popular picks:
2,4-D LV6 – I think we are all familiar with 2,4-D at this point. It is still a go-to option on fallow acres because of price point. It will get the job done under most circumstances, but don’t count on it against kochia, that’s where my next pick fits…

Distinct – I like to think of Distinct as dicamba on steroids. It has an additional active ingredient (diflufenzopyr) that drastically increases the knockdown power of the dicamba. For those of you familiar with Status, you know how effectively it works on kochia, lambsquarter, etc. Distinct is Status without the safener.

Atrazine – I like to add atrazine on dryland acres that will be fallow for the upcoming year or irrigated acres that will be corn. The goal is to extend the weed control to potentially eliminate an extra post application later in the year. Also – I can’t stress this enough – resistant issues are a lot less likely to creep up with pre-emerge herbicides.

All of the above options should be tank-mixed with RoundUp.

As usual, if you have any questions about these chemicals, or other available options, call your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist!

Make it a great week!