Crop Talk – Grow Smart Update

Hello all!

I wanted to update everyone on the Grow Smart trials. On Saturday, we applied our post application on the Mirage Flats field. Here is what we included in the mix:

  • Class Act NG
  • RoundUp Powermax
  • Armezon PRO
  • Priaxor
  • Max-IN Ultra ZMB
  • Interlock

I tweaked the recommendation slightly. For starters, I ran a higher rate of Class Act NG, due to the hot, dry conditions. At 2.5 gal/100, I expect to get better uptake of the herbicides.  I also bumped the RoundUp rate to 32 oz. The Armezon PRO is an HPPD inhibitor (bleacher) and Outlook for residual. I chose to run Priaxor to promote better plant health and some addition fertility through Max-IN Ultra ZMB, a foliar product. The Interlock was added to prevent drift and increase canopy penetration.

The following video was recorded during the application:

In Hemingford, we will be applying Priaxor and Max-IN Ultra ZMB this week. The grower applied RoundUp and Status last week to clean up the field. The Verdict was still holding very well, but there were weeds breaking through in a few places.

These plots are open to the public. If you want to see what we have been doing, contact your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist.

Make it a great week!