Crop Talk – Hemingford Grow Smart

Hello all!

Today I wanted to give a quick update on the Grow Smart plot in Hemingford.

The Verdict has held up extremely well so far. The corn is at the V4 stage and still no evidence of weeds coming through yet.

Photo Jun 09, 3 39 15 PM

Left: Verdict                                             Right: Untreated

Above is an image from last week. There doesn’t appear to be much, but when you start moving through the field, you can really start to see a major difference. The picture below was taken a little further into the field on the untreated side. It is primarily lambsquarters.

Photo Jun 09, 3 42 13 PM


Tissue samples were pulled today and the results will likely arrive Wednesday or Thursday. As soon as they arrive, we will make decisions on additional fertility necessary. A foliar treatment along with Priaxor will be applied with the post herbicide application this week.

If anyone is interested in visiting the plot for a closer look, you can call the Hemingford Agronomy Office at 308-487-5219. Ask for Brandon Yetter or Miles Buskirk.

Make it a great week!