Crop Talk – Tissue Sampling and Micronutrients

It’s about time to start tissue sampling corn fields to find any nutrient deficiencies that may be present and make in-season fertility applications based on need, instead of shooting from the hip.

Using the Nutrisolutions 360 approach, we can maximize your yield opportunity by combining soil samples before the season, along with tissue samples during the season, to determine what the crop is missing to perform at a higher level.


Tissue samples are pulled 2-3 times throughout the growing season – V6, V10, and VT. After the V6 and V10 samples are pulled, the report will show what nutrients are deficient. These defeciencies can then be corrected using a foliar application during the first post herbicide application, or through an injection. This is especially useful on micronutrients, which tend to be more expensive than the standard nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur.

In the long-term, the VT sample is likely the most important sample. At this point, nothing can be changed in-season, but it will give us a report card for the season, showing us which nutrients we may have over-applied and what we came up short on. The key is to use the results for the next year to build a farm plan that corrects these problems. We are always trying to move forward.

If you have any questions about tissue sampling, contact your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist for more.

Make it a great week!