Crop Talk – Grow Smart plots

Photo Jun 06, 9 39 40 AMHope everyone had a great Memorial Day last week!

Quick note: I’m sure you all have noticed the rust has exploded over the past week. It is not too late for some fields to be sprayed and salvage some yield. Now onto the plots.

This year Farmer’s Coop has partnered with BASF and WinField to do some herbicide and high yield trials with 3 growers in our trade area. The 3 growers are Tim Kumpf (Hemingford), Ryan Richardson (Mirage Flats), and Gary Fuscher (Gordon). The concept is very simple; we split the fields in half, the grower treats his half as he normally would, and we treat the other half as we see fit.

Here are the planned treatments as of right now:


  • Pre-emerge – Verdict
  • Post-emerge – RoundUp & Status
  • VT – Headline AMP

Mirage Flats:

  • Pre-emerge – RT3 & Zidua
  • Post – RoundUp & Armezon Pro
  • VT – Headline AMP


  • Pre-emerge – RT3, 2,4-D LV6, & Verdict
  • Post-emerge – RoundUp, Status, Zidua, Max-In ZMB, & Priaxor
  • VT – Headline AMP

Changes will be made as the season progresses. We will pull tissue samples in a couple weeks to decide if more fertility is needed and plan accordingly. In-season satellite imagery will be used throughout the season to scout the fields. I would strongly encourage you to contact your agronomist if you have questions or would like to see one of the plots. We will gladly give you a tour and answer any questions you have about the chosen products.

I will regularly post updates about the plots and what we are seeing.

Make it a great week!