Crop Talk – Stripe rust is here

Scouting the past week has revealed stripe rust is here and with the southern winds, it is highly likely that more will be coming. A fungicide treatment is recommended to protect yields.  Luckily, there is no shortage of options in the fungicide market. Below are a few of my favorite options, but first a look at the weather.

Weather Update:

  • Soil temperature at 2″: 58° at 10:30 AM
  • Rainfall: 0.2″ with some hail, mostly around Hemingford moving northeast

Now onto some fungicides:

Topaz is a triazole fungicide that is very economical and offers good control of stripe rust. The biggest downfall of Topaz is a short-lived residual, meaning you will only get about a week of residual protection. Might be an option on dryland acres, but beware that multiple applications may be necessary.

Priaxor is a premium offering from BASF. It will bring extended residual along with excellent control of stripe rust. Priaxor is a proven product and an absolute must if you want to protect yields in irrigated wheat.

Twinline is another premium option from BASF. Like Priaxor, it has a great residual and is excellent against stripe rust. What sets it apart from other options is control on wheat scab. Highly recommended on irrigated acres and dryland if you are trying to achieve higher yields.

If you have any questions about these products or need a field scouted for rust, contact your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist.

Make it a great week!