Crop Talk – Tips for planting corn

Corn has already started going in the ground, but there is still a lot left to be planted. Soil temperatures are lower than normal for this time of year, which present some unique challenges.

Quick weather update:

  • Soil temperature at 2″: 53° at 10 AM
  • Rainfall reports ranged from 0.7″ to 1.25″

Due to the cooler soil temps, there are a few steps you can take to ensure greater emergence:

  1. Correct planting depth: Planting depth can change depending on the condition of the soil. Cooler soil temperatures require a planting depth of 1.5-2″ which will provide adequate moisture. Resist the urge to plant at depths shallower than 1.25″.
  2. Avoid wet soils: If the soil is too wet, it can lead to multiple problems such as the sidewall compaction and poor seed-to-soil contact. The end result is poor root development and poor germination.
  3. Use Ascend: Ascend is a plant growth regulator. It contains three types of growth hormones: cytokinin, gibberellic acid, and indolebutyric acid. Indolebutyric acid is very beneficial in cooler soils because it helps the seed germinate quicker, resulting in a more even stand. Ascend can be applied in two different ways: in-furrow or seed treatment.

AgAnytime from Monsanto has a wealth of information regarding everything related to corn, including planting, weed management, and insect management. Be sure to check it out when you have a minute.

As always, if you have more questions, call your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist.

Make it a great week!