Crop Talk – Is drift control really important?

Hello all! Welcome to the first entry of Crop Talk! My name is Miles Buskirk. I am an agronomist at Farmer’s Coop in Hemingford. I (and possibly others) will be posting new and relevant agronomy information weekly to Farmer Scoop.

Following the snow that fell over the weekend, I am sure the sprayers will be out in full force once the fields dry out. Since wind is a normal occurrence in western Nebraska, we use InterLock spray adjuvant to limit drift. The benefits of InterLock are not limited to drift control, however.

InterLock works by reducing the amount of fine particles, which tend to drift more easily and evaporate more readily than coarse particles, meaning your money is literally evaporating away when they don’t hit the target. These coarse particles also penetrate the canopy better, increasing the efficacy and deposition.

Another key component of drift control is selecting the right spray nozzle. I would strongly recommend taking five minutes to watch this video about spray nozzle selection: Video: Picking the right spray nozzle

If you have any questions about InterLock or different nozzle types, visit with your local Farmer’s Coop agronomist.

Make it a great week!