Getting the Most “Bang for Your Buck”

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

We all like to know that we received the most for our money, that our dollar went as far as it could possibly go in working for our benefit, that the last dollar we spend provides exactly the amount of enjoyment to us as it cost us to obtain.  This brings to mind the age-old questions that all of us think about this time of year.  Which Girl Scout cookies should I buy?

I can’t help you decide which cookie is your favorite but I can help you decide which ones to buy to get the most cookies for your dollar.  In my area, the average box of Girl Scout cookies sells for $3.50.  I don’t know if you noticed but I find it irritating that there are different numbers of cookies in each box.  Shouldn’t boxes with fewer cookies cost less?  Regardless, here is a list of popular Girl Scout cookies, approximate estimates of cookies per box (actual numbers are extremely hard to find without buying a box and counting), and the cost per cookie.


There are all sorts of arguments about which cookies are the best but from a purely “bang for your buck” standpoint, the best cookies to buy are the Trefoils® at $0.10/cookie.  Close behind the yummy shortbread cookies are the popular favorite of Thin Mints® at $0.13/cookie.  The two most expensive are the other popular favorites of Tagalongs® and Samoas® at $0.23/cookie.  The economist in me is really curious how they determine the number of cookies to put in each box.  Obviously they have a method because none of the cookies have the same amount per box except Samoas® and Trefoils®.

In the end, it is not the cookies that matter but the organization you are supporting by buying them.  Girl Scouts use the proceeds to pay for supplies, activities, and group travel for the local troop.  These cookies are are a critical source of funding for local Girl Scouts and is often what makes it possible to serve girls in hard-to-serve areas and maintain camps and properties.