Welcome to Farmer Scoop

Hello everyone.  This is a newly created blog for the Farmer’s Coop Elevator in Hemingford, Nebraska.  Farmer’s Coop has locations in Alliance, Gordon, Hay Springs, Mirage Flats, and Hemingford.  Throughout our locations we deal in agronomy, feed, grain, and retail.  The grain department buys corn, winter wheat, spring wheat, soybeans, barley, millet, oats, and sunflowers.

This blog is a working progress for the grain origination department.  My goal is to create exposure and try to connect with customers on a different level.  This blog will hopefully contain market information and analysis, contract information, company going ons, helpful marketing tips, and so much more.  I hope to get guest bloggers from the agronomy department to blog about topics such as weed management, chemical spraying tips, planting tips, and other things to help with crop establishment.

My name is is Tucker Hamilton, the newly employed grain originator at the Hemingford location. My current plan is to provide, at the very least, a weekly market update at 12:00 PM every Friday that summarizes the market happenings of the previous week.  I will try to provide relevant information that will help producers in making their marketing decisions on their crops.  Stay tuned for more updates.